Kidder Hill Community Wind files petition for installation and operation of two wind turbines with Public Service Board

June 27, 2017 – Kidder Hill Community Wind has submitted a petition to the Vermont Public Service Board requesting permission to install and operate two wind turbines. The turbines would be located on private land in either Lowell or Irasburg or one in each host community, depending on the Towns’ preferences. The Project expects to annually contribute approximately $40,000 in community payments and another $40,000 to the Vermont Education Fund.

The public can follow along with the proceedings at the Public Service Board’s electronic filing website and locate the files under Case No. 17-3443-PET.

Permitting (PDFs)

June 27, 2017

Filing Cover Letter

248 Petition

Index matching evidence w/ 248(b)

Notices of Appearance

ANR Fee Form

Adjoining Landowners List

Notice to Adjoining Landowners

Certification of  developed list of all adjoining landowners utilizing certified grand list as existed 60 days prior to date petition filed

Certificate of Service on local/regional bodies

Krebs & Lansing Consulting Engineers, Inc.


Resource Systems Group, Inc.

RLS Engineering

RWH Economics

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Suzanne C. Jamele (Historic Preservation)

Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc.

VHB Natural Sciences Group


Topics: KHCW


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